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About Tammy Andrews

Tammy Andrews Esperance Artist

My Background

I was born in 1972,  at Lake Grace, a small farming community in the wheat-belt of Western Australia.  My first memories were of shimmering salt flats, stunning subtle colour and objects in isolation. These influences produce images which are often minimalistic and sometimes have a surreal edge to them. I now live and work in Esperance, and after over 20 years of consistent painting my work has developed a unique style, which has been described as having ‘poetic serene quality’. Introduced to oils as a student, I have rarely strayed to other mediums, relishing the sensual quality of the paint and the ability to employ it in a sculptural form. I have always been drawn to and inspired by impressionistic styles of painting, delighting in the collision of thick full strokes that smack up against each other in shock.

My Themes

From a young age I have had a  close relationship with art and literature, as my family had interests and employment in art, photography, music and engineering. Influenced by painterly styles and drawn to the work of Australian artists Hugh Ramsay, Sidney Long among others such as Austria’s Gustav Klimt.  

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